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Global quartz movement made Liucheng Zhangzhou
Zhangzhou from traditional industries to the country's largest industrial clusters, to Zhangzhou honored as "China Watch city", today's "Zhangzhou watch" by winning a number of former low-end production base, has upgraded core technologies, products technological content and high added value clusters watch brand, reputation in the world.
In 2015, under the pressure of the economic downturn, the development of export-oriented enterprises are squeezed, but Zhangzhou watch companies still maintained a sales growth of about 10% a year, stable development momentum.
Today, the "Zhangzhou watch" has become the country's largest industry cluster, a complete industrial chain of industrial clusters and the only three major characteristics of the brand, Heng Li electronics, Hongyuan Watch Industry, JIBANG electronics, new Visa wall clocks, village chul electronics, wall clocks and other Sangtai is leading a number of leading enterprises, "Zhangzhou watch" to achieve the international rise, quartz movement production accounted for 60% of the world watch production accounted for 3% of the world.
Innovation-driven build a "new alliance"
December 2015, the industry's attention Second China (Li Heng · blue cup) Watch Design Competition announced the selection results and award ceremony in Zhangzhou. Ceremony on display a variety of classic designs, its unique design ideas, make visitors gasp in admiration, but also provide a platform for exchange of learning Zhangzhou watch companies.
The first "China (Blu-cup) Watch Design Competition" held in Zhangzhou acclaimed. As the watch industry's most prestigious watch design awards, the second session of the contest is to get positive response from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Germany and more designer wall clocks. In the contest's 71 finalists works, Zhangzhou watch companies accounted for 10 entries, accounting for up to 14%.
Actively undertake, while participating in a large watch design contest, to further promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in recent years, Zhangzhou and actively build business-led, research institutions, industrial technology innovation alliance Universities active participation, to form a business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of research technology innovation system. In addition, the completion of Zhangzhou "watch technology R & D service platform," "Watch patent information retrieval and analysis platform" and other public service platform for R & D aspects, design wall clocks, clocks detect mold development, product testing, information and services, personnel training and other enterprises in Provide services.
Zhangzhou watch company is committed to innovation and development, the initiative to adjust the industrial structure, emphasis on design innovation, improve product quality, and achieved remarkable results. Currently, the city watch industry has a provincial laboratory, provincial center of an industrial design, two provincial-level enterprise technical centers, high-tech enterprise 6, has received more than 1,000 patents, the annual launch of the new quartz clock, expression over a hundred models.
Internet + to expand the "new market"
In October 2015, sponsored by the Association of wall clocks Zhangzhou watch industry promotion Alibaba industrial belt of Zhangzhou in Zhangzhou Heng-li Electronics Co., Ltd. was held, more than 40 business executives and wall clocks Zhangzhou electricity suppliers attended the seminar.
Recommend Fujian-hui will be invited to e-commerce, Alibaba Zhangzhou Zhangzhou Industrial Operations Director belt industrial belt settled Alibaba processes and industrial zone in Zhangzhou watch industry development objectives are described in detail. "Recommend Zhangzhou watch companies will bring new ideas and ideas. As of now, more than a dozen member companies added Alibaba." City Watch Association, the official said.
Internet era, the traditional peak e-commerce companies were coerced forward. Since 2013, Zhangzhou City, the implementation of "100 enterprises hold together expand the market, thousands of companies innovative open electricity supplier, thousands of businesses promote mutual marketing" "Millions" project, support enterprises to participate in famous timepiece Exhibition Fair, further develop domestic market. In expanding overseas markets, Zhangzhou City, to encourage enterprises to set up marketing outlets or branches abroad, watch companies to encourage innovative marketing model, relying on Alibaba, Taobao, Lynx, Hong Kong Trade Development Network and other major e-commerce platform, the development of e-commerce, open up the online market, to promote the product marketing electricity supplier of wall clocks.
Zhangzhou Watch Association has organized electricity supplier training, invite relevant professionals to teach in Xiamen, Zhangzhou watch business experience, encourage enterprises by the electricity supplier channels open up new markets, urging Zhangzhou watch industry restructuring and upgrading. Currently, Zhangzhou wall clocks sold around the world, the city wall clocks the timing more than 90 percent of export products, covering 165 countries and regions.
Brand strategy to create "new advantages"
September 2015, the 34th Hong Kong International Watch Fair at the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center, nearly 20,000 exhibitors and buyers from more than 90 countries and regions gathered together to watch Zhangzhou, Fujian Association as a group organizer, organizing 20 Watch exhibitors, of which 18 enterprises in Zhangzhou, Fuzhou two.
"Fujian exhibition hall within the exhibition dedicated Zhangzhou wall clocks by merchants welcome further demonstrate 'Zhangzhou watch' regional brands, to expand the international influence of Zhangzhou wall clocks." Show the person in charge said.
During the 2015 Fair, "Zhangzhou watch" eye-catching outdoor advertising in Pazhou walls, this is the "Zhangzhou watch" 17 consecutive sessions of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the production of large-scale outdoor advertising, by overseas businessmen and provincial and municipal leaders at all levels of appreciation, harvesting better branding.
Zhangzhou watch brand to crack the problem of slow development, promote the brand to the international initiative to build exhibition platform in recent years, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou watch industry organization leading enterprises to participate in international trade fairs products, trade talks and trade forum, held special buyers matchmaking help push Zhangzhou brand go out, as well as to invite foreign companies to expand exchanges and cooperation Zhang internet. Currently, Zhangzhou watch companies have been known trademarks in China 1, 17 provincial brand.

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