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Apple grab the Swiss watch industry business?
Smile too early, often less than the last laugh. This is Apple and the Swiss watch industry is the same.
Before Apple Watch release, Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive ever let it be said, they will allow Swiss trouble. Remarks immediately met many Swiss watchmaker ridicule. But now it seems, Jonathan Ive is not nonsense.
Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry report recently released by the Swiss watch exports in September fell sharply by 9.9% MoM, which is since the third quarter of 2009, the largest ring Swiss watch exports fell encountered. Report specifically pointed out that the mainland Chinese market sales, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other regions substantially narrowed, so that the Swiss miserable. According to Reuters, he had been recognized as "the most dynamic markets of Asia" September decline in Swiss watch exports up 12.7%, far exceeding analysts' forecast of 2-3 times.
According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry published information, reduced exports most obvious is the watch, the price decline in exports in the range of $ 200-500 14.5%. Analysts believe that, Apple Watch is leading to the decline in exports of Swiss watches "culprit", because the average price of Apple Watch is only about $ 500.
In fact from the beginning of October last year, with the slowdown in global economic growth, weak demand, and China's in-depth anti-corruption, luxury sales have been rendered collective downturn. Many brands have issued a profit warning after the self-worth playing the price war, and slow down the speed shop. Under such background, the Swiss watch industry is difficult spared.
Although many traditional Swiss watch manufacturers "Apple Watch will threaten the Swiss watch manufacturers' argument scoff, but earlier this year, Swatch co-founder of Elmar Mock had forecast sales of Apple Watch sales soon and Swiss watches flat.
In fact, even Apple Watch an impact on the Swiss watch industry is concentrated in the low end, may be the most affected Swatch brands. Low-end Swiss watches like a consumer product rather than a collection, but Apple Watch price of $ 349 and it is close; on the contrary, Apple Watch Gold Edition because of higher prices, positioning and high-end Swiss watches overlap probably still unable to impress Swiss watches centennial.
However, banking analysts say, given the Swatch Group's research and development capabilities, the company is fully capable to launch its own smart watch with Apple and other manufacturers to compete head. And as early as the end of February this year, three iconic Swiss watch manufacturer that Apa, Frederique Constant and SBB table, has announced the launch of built-in motion detection function smart watch. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Han Zhe and Yang Xi

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