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Fun watch
On this table, you can not find the time scale in the traditional sense, but was able to see 12 little knight holding a sword. They are around the dial, just formed a circle, not only decorative, but also when the subject of both functions. Knight material is bronze, miniature each knight, we need to spend a whole day. Dial, turned into a round-table. It precious black jade production, and decorated with enamel, but also uses veneered process.
The roundtable faithfully engraved specifically for the production of Henry VIII, under a UK Winchester Castle Hall oak round table. Watch the entire section gives a sense of the spectacular, deep interest, it seems that along with 12 knights and goes huge round table, quietly flowing.
Chanel J12 Chanel is perhaps one of the most famous watch collection. The series's this floating tourbillon watch, is worth a visit. This table with black high-tech precision ceramic production, with white gold bezel, temperament prowess. Audemars Piguet watch movement by the movement to build the plant APRP, not only full of dynamic, it is also quite interesting. Floating tourbillon at 6 o'clock dial, above the ring and the outer decorative pentacle to, and the five-pointed star ring, studded with sparkling diamonds. Black dial has been operating significantly above the hollow handle, gears and other components, like a piece of beautiful music, the interpretation of mechanical movement unique beauty.
Round, square watch to see more, seemed fatigued, then take a look oval watch it. The Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon watch, and Paris is the product of the artist André Saraiva cooperation. Saraiva's masterpiece is street art Mister A, and now, he moved to the Mister A Parmigiani dial. Watch sleek curves and unique, a lot of flavor. But more interesting is the dial. 12 o'clock position is laughing Mister A, power reserve display is hidden inside Mister A's. 3 and 9, are two amorous eyes. However, the color and angle of these two completely different eyes. 9:00 eyes normal position in the face, but 3 eyes, it is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. This creates a kind of humorous, cynical atmosphere. This stainless steel watch is equipped with PF 110 manual winding movement, with eight days power reserve.

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