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Global smart watch this year total revenue $ 11.5 billion
Market research firm Gartner in a recent research report that the global smart watch in 2015 sales reached 30 million, but because AppleWatch, driven by sales this year and next year are expected to climb to 50 million and 6670 million. Apple Watch's success led to the popularity of wearable devices and form a kind of "lifestyle trends." Gartner believes that global sales of smart wall clocks are expected to rise 48 percent in 2017, while 2016 and 2017, total revenue will reach $ 11.5 billion and $ 17.5 billion respectively.
Since its launch in April last year, Apple Watch has been a wearable one of the most watched market. Gartner said, Apple Watch appears successfully attracted consumer attention to the smart watch. Apple Watch more like a user's "fashion statement", people may be more concerned about is the product design aesthetics rather than its own function.
Apple's smart watch market has been ahead of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and Pebble and other competitors. According to a market research firm Canalys released in November last year, shipments of Apple Watch has nearly 7 million. Meanwhile a report market research firm Juniper Research recently released 2015 Apple Watch sales have successfully seize the global smart watch sales 52% market share, firmly in dominance.
On the other hand, Apple has always been tight-lipped about the actual sales of Apple Watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook in the previous quarter earnings report only represents Apple Watch sales has created "a new quarterly record," while in December last year, the performance of "particularly strong." Analysts believe that Apple sold 5.5 million Apple Watch in the fourth quarter of last year.

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