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Casio wall clocks first intelligent life one month
It is reported that this new Casio watch WSD-F10 smart appearance classic outdoor sports style, both durable and lightweight and portable, supports the US military MIL-STD-810G standard of protection as well as 50 meters waterproof, red, orange, black, green can election; the WSD-F10 is running Android Wear system, equipped with 1.32 inches, 320 x 300 pixel screen double, built-in pressure, accelerometers, compass and other sensors, the basic continuation of its G-Shock sports watch design language and product concept. In addition, the WSD-F10 battery life of up to one month long life, but also to present much Tucao smart watch life issues made new progress.
In addition to the advantages of ultra-long battery life of a month, there is a bright spot in this smart watch that can turn off smart function, use as a simple electronic form: when not in use Android Wear system, you can choose to turn off color screen in this case WSD-F10 will become a very typical G-Shock wall clocks.
Currently, there is no sale Casio can be installed WSD-F10 planned SIM card, but it is certain that this Casio WSD-F10 will be expected by the end of March this year, between early April in the United States and Japan, it is expected to price $ 500 around (about 3261 yuan).

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