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A new way of Haute Horlogerie
 Take Haute Horlogerie luxury is within the scope of this "strong luxury" most often people misread it gradually won more people of all ages. "Strong luxury" is a new term, refers to as the commodity with the preservation of wall clock or jewelry and the like, those type of value-conscious consumers tend to buy more of these hedging products outnumber those pure fashion goods .
    Speaking reason, Ulysse Nardin Chairman of the Board of chai schnyder explained: "family ties are very popular in Asia and China, to pass on traditional wall clock very worthy of praise, because this precious heritage not only has the value of money, and more It reflects the taste and knowledge of our ancestors. "
    As a new material in the field of complex functions and has excellent performance of independent wall clockmaking companies, Athens in the past 15 years a succession of dedicated consumers wall clock more than popular works. It has been hailed as the brand Ulysses wall clockmaking, because Athens table (ulysse nardin, to named after the founder) spelling and pronunciation originally with Ulysses (ulysses) is very similar, the latter Literary works full heroism mortal image, exactly coincide with independent business ideas and innovative spirit of the former.
    April 2011, the boss of the Athens table - Rolf Schneider, one of the Swiss wall clock industry legend (. Rolf w schnyder) Mr. died. His wife, 47-year-old chai schnyder eligible for election as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board, she was able at Queen's University, a master's degree 贝尔法斯勒 British machinery of Science.
    Not only that, the wall clock has now been discovered to be the best collection. chai schnyder said: "The city is growing, there is no more room to put some collection of paintings climate change also makes it difficult to save the paintings, such as increased frequency of outbreaks difficult to predict the impact of floods in some places, as well as others such as stamps. , wine and other vulnerable outside the natural environment destroyed collections, began to decline in value of real estate, automobile pollution control in some places because of other reasons be limited. the wall clock can be worn on the hand or taken anywhere. "
    In chai schnyder opinion, when people often look to our wrist, wall clock complexity (of course, due to personal preferences corresponding simple models) and artistic designing can enjoy at any time. Parts in waterproof case is well protected inside without susceptible to external influence. Many wall clock can be reasonably and safely placed in the safe collection or luggage.
    I have to say, the wall clock can reflect the technology of the times, but it does not depend on age. wall clock movement running exceptionally charming, because in essence it is a human invention, the hard work of the machine, 24-hour operation, which can be wound manually using the crown or swing arm with automatic winding. In order to match the size of the wrist of people it must be designed to be very compact and thus can be comfortably worn on the hand, and in a very beautiful and unique appearance presented.
    It is a mechanical art, real collectible items. "If more people can understand the fascinating aspects of mathematics this amazing mechanical technology behind the production, architecture, design, and crafts, its growth will be more significant." Chai schnyder added.
    Data show that in 2013 the Swiss wall clock of growth is slowing down, exports of wall clock (only a few) and even declined. But for this, chai schnyder has regarded this phenomenon as "healthy growth." She said: "2013-2014, is the consolidation of the world's wall clock industry, I think it is healthy to break the bottleneck of growth phase, if there are any other industry can double-digit percentage growth over the past 10 years, it is. in terms of quality and innovation will not be the most attractive aspects of the industry. "
    Quality and innovation, two factors crucial for the wall clock industry, has been undertaking history and create the future. Admittedly, the wall clock industry even say that the development of any industry will take time. In the early 1980s and 1990s, a new wall clock from conceptual design to improve the quality and functionality of its R & D spend 5 to 10 years. Later, when the computer simulation can help design and 3d after to reduce the time to around as long as three years.
    Mechanical wall clock industry is the most attractive, wall clock in the use of the latest technology to ensure that human remains in their daily activities when the basic walking function normally. Everyday life we ​​do not need a wall clock worn smaller than second timing; do not like the way your smartphone connection to download or software update; not be limited by the speed of the car; not because of the waste of resources or protection of the environment and restricted. As early as 40 years ago, it has gone beyond the travel time quartz precision mechanical wall clock, wall clock functionality has also been fully achieved, it has now become a work of art Evolution has a practical everyday functions.
    What factors in the end have to be called works of art wall clock, chai schnyder says: "It's like the same ingredients can be made into delicious world Chef, it may also be made difficult to swallow food beginners same wall clock parts wall clock making at different levels of the men who will be an entirely different work. at the same time, the best chef knows where to find the best materials, the best wall clock factory also like to know how to attract the best wall clockmakers and train them. "
    Athens led to chai schnyder table, for example, it has begun to invest heavily in the second round of the wall clock industry silicon material applications, and up to 2,000 entries, this material is by far the most well-known application or as a semiconductor material, and breast. Ulysse Nardin find its physical properties: light weight, high strength and less stretch break (unlike metal), etc. characteristics, perfect for wall clock movement material.
    Chinese consumers once you understand the value of a brand, they tend to become loyal fans. Thus, on the whole, those relatively long time in China than brand brand new entrants have a greater advantage. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the brand's unique characteristics and long-term reputation of Haute Horlogerie is definitely an effective way to gain a competitive edge, but this problem for different Chinese consumers would consider a lot of different levels, from the material and technology needs, and brand history the traditional concept of design innovation and brand, as well as means of communication, service levels and sales floor price control and distribution channels long-term thinking. To be competitive, these factors must be met.
    chai schnyder this brief summary of 3r, namely relevance of history, renaissance and revolution, which is related to the history of revival and innovation. "Athens has a long and orthodox marine chronometer production history, our wall clock from the beginning of 1846 made in the same building, our wall clock won the highest praise and honor certificate, after the quartz crisis and committed to the revival of machinery wall clock. since 2000, Ulysse Nardin keeping the original appearance on the basis of the first to use traditional materials in the silicon industry, has become a pioneer and innovator in the peer. "
    While new materials and technologies are used, those hand-polished high-tech level, enamel, as well as superb master wall clock-making processes and combinations of technologies are still able to be preserved and cherished. chai schnyder said, "Ulysse Nardin is a niche brand, the goal is to become an independent brand has grown movement in manufacturing movement parts constantly trying new technologies and application of new materials to achieve this goal. From our products itself we can see our competitive advantage. our work is our brand ambassador, but also our achievements. "
    Chinese consumer brand awareness growing
    "Fortune" (Chinese version): In recent years, some of the wall clock company gradually reached the pinnacle of product development, more and more difficult to generate new ideas, whether Athens have faced the same challenges?
    chai schnyder: 2013, the new materials have also been applied to other "traditional brand" recognized. Ulysse Nardin silicon technology and R & D investment to get a great return. Our accumulated knowledge ahead of other brands, and gained new development. In the past 12 months, six self-produced movement to be released. This is a wall clock manufacturing industry a huge achievement, so Ulysse Nardin outstanding innovators in the industry and product development pioneer a member.
    We wall clock the smartest engineers always have fresh ideas and one of the reasons is that they can ideas into reality in a company, and exciting. These are very important in the face of new challenges and further development and progress while.
    "Fortune" (Chinese Version): Athens to wall clock the performance of the manufacturing sectors for all to see, but as an independent brand, Athens is how to open up and maintain their own sales channels?
    chai schnyder: our market and product strategy and distribution channels will be the same as long-term planning, so our distribution and market planning activities will be treated like our long-term partner as to protect our dealers. Naturally, the way we display products, express ideas, and corporate culture can be visually communicated to the end consumer. Over the past 10 years we have around the world has opened 20 stores, this is the best example.
    "Fortune" (Chinese version): worldwide consumer and other markets compared to China's luxury consumers what are the characteristics?
    chai schnyder: As an overseas Chinese, I frankly to himself as an example, it is now Chinese consumers tend to buy more to understand even wistfully to ascertain the product itself as well as additional value.
    10 years ago due to the explosive material expansion and economic growth, Chinese consumers often travel in a very short period of time rush frantically buying what they know, to buy the brand, but also often in order to "face problems" to show off. Today, advances in consumer knowledge, increase quality awareness is very fast. Athens has a lot of tables, they are buying for their own wall clock know a lot about, come up with some quite deep questions about the wall clock. They are very wise purchase, and most people are used to self-appreciation, not to show off.

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