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wall clock its own brand-building objectives
Four departments jointly issued guidance on accelerating the construction of our own brand wall clockes
Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments, the Department of Finance (Bureau), directly under the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Quality and Technical Supervision, the Intellectual Property Office, China National Light Industry Council:
Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the wall clock industry, enhance independent innovation capability and brand development, build quality brand as the core competitive edge, improving the international competitiveness of China's wall clock industry is significant. Based on "industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015)" (Guo Fa [2011] No. 47) and "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating China's industrial enterprises brand building" (MIIT Branch [2011] No. 347), the development of this guidance .
First, the importance of accelerating the construction of its own brand of wall clockes
wall clock industry is a high-precision machinery and information technology combined with advanced manufacturing, its unique precision manufacturing technology and precision timing products, not only closely related to people's lives, but also long-term service in various fields of national economy. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, China's wall clock industry has established a relatively complete manufacturing system and marketing network, has a significant cost advantage and large market space. wall clock unique fashion and cultural characteristics, particularly highlighted the value of its brand, build innovation-driven, improve quality, foster brand as the core competitive advantage is to accelerate industrial structure adjustment and optimization of the wall clock, to enhance its international status, dream of a powerful timepiece the only way.
Second, the guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives
(A) guiding ideology
In the party's 18 and eighteenth sessions of the Third and Fourth Plenary Session as guidance, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the wall clock industry, efforts to enhance industry innovation-driven development of endogenous motivation to effectively enhance the brand value and expand the brand effect, form a group brand development strategy clear, strong R & D capabilities, high level of product quality wall clock manufacturer, to create a group with independent intellectual property rights, improve the marketing channels, market influential well-known wall clock brands, laid by the wall clock manufacturing power to create power shift of a solid foundation.
(B) the basic principles
Adhere to enterprises as the mainstay, the wall clock manufacturer to enhance brand awareness, improve brand management capabilities, comprehensive enhance brand value; adhere to market-driven, market-oriented to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, based on the formation of a number of high value-added market rules independent brands; adhere Government guide and standardize the market order, strengthen public services, and create a favorable environment for the healthy development of own-brand wall clockes; adhere to international development, consolidation wall clock manufacturing country status, and actively explore foreign markets, international exchanges and cooperation in various forms.
(Iii) The main objective of
By 2020, its own brand of high, medium and low-grade wall clockes and clocks, the proportion of sales from the current product into 1:14:85 3:22:75; formed about five internationally renowned brands, about 20 well-known brands and 2-3 home advanced technology, features clear, high brand awareness, steady economic growth of large-scale enterprise group wall clockes; more than 30% of the finished wall clock manufacturers to develop and implement a clear brand strategy; well-known brands of high-end product quality close to the international advanced level.
Third, the main task
(A) to promote the brand development strategy
Further enhance the degree of attention to independent wall clock brand building, brand development strategy. One is to strengthen brand awareness, the formation of internal personnel and all processes, promote all-round good atmosphere brand building, and implemented in capital investment, human resources and so on. The second is the development of independent brand development strategy, according to their own characteristics and operational objectives, a clear market positioning, choice of personalized, differentiated brand development model. The third is to enhance brand management capabilities, encourage enterprises to establish brand management, the establishment of practical brand management mechanism, the implementation of brand management, foster cultural brand, and brand value. Fourth, explore the establishment of the whole process of intellectual property management system, scientific layout and effective use of intellectual property. Fifth, improve the brand evaluation method, the establishment of the wall clock brand value measurement index system, to enhance the brand value and provide guidance support. Sixth, actively carry out the work of brand promotion, integrated use of various types of brand communication channels publications, networks, mobile terminals, effectively increasing the wall clock brand.
(B) the ability of independent innovation
wall clock the product tracking international trends, focus on the development in technology, processes, materials and product design and other fields with independent intellectual property innovations. First, strengthen technological innovation and technological transformation, and vigorously develop the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and other key technology and high-end mechanical wall clockes, pendulum calibration temperature compensation, temperature and other high-end mechanical clock drive key technologies; focus on the development and application of wear-resistant alloy steel, precious stones bearings, springs and silicon escapement governor mechanism, carbon fiber winding, precious metal case and other new materials; strengthen the research when radio clocks received code signal reliability and sensitivity; actively promote the logic FM, variable pulse width sweep the pace of development and industrialization movement, low-power high-torque stepper motors and other advanced technology of electronic wall clockes and clocks, and parts. Second is to enhance design innovation, design thinking and modern regional, national traditional culture combine outstanding trendy decoration, collectors appreciate other functions, rich cultural connotation of the brand, leading the fashion consumer demand and increase the added value of products . Third is to support enterprises to establish intellectual property analysis and appraisal system, to avoid the risk of intellectual property rights, guarantee investment security, enhance innovation efficiency. Fourth, increase the use of electronic information technology, to promote computer-aided design and digital manufacturing in the wall clock industry, increasing the variety of sources standard clock time synchronization systems in existing mutual backup interface protocols and is compatible with a variety of other functions.
(Iii) optimize the product structure wall clock
To meet the multi-level domestic and foreign markets, differentiated demand, and constantly develop new products wall clockes, variety of styles, improve product quality. First, actively develop high-end mechanical wall clockes, mechanical wall clockes, and gradually increase the complexity and the use of multi-function ultra-thin, ultra-small proportion of movement and other special products, improve product value and brand image. The second is the development of Analog and digital display quartz digital wall clockes with a variety of additional features sports and leisure, fashion, health care, and promote functional integration and intelligent products. Third is to enhance the proportion of mechanical clock clock products, and constantly improve the increase of temperature and humidity, barometric pressure and other display functions. Fourth, the development of a wave with independent intellectual property rights of timing clocks products, increase in education, transportation, broadcasting and other industries.
(Iv) improve the quality of products
Enhance the quality sense of responsibility, strengthen quality management, promote product quality upgrading. First, to enhance the level of technology and equipment, increase capital investment, the introduction of multi-station combination machine tools and other advanced automated production equipment, numerical control technology backward equipment for technological transformation. Second is to enhance the precision parts processing capacity, improve product reliability and wall clock accuracy of travel time, long life, low repair rate. Third, establish and improve the quality management system, targeted use of performance excellence model, Six Sigma, Lean and other quality management methods, and actively promote the ISO9000 series of quality management system standards implementation and certification, strengthening quality control and wall clock industry technical evaluation capacity construction, improve the quality of management. Fourth, actively carry out quality assurance responsibilities, improve product quality traceability system, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of consumers.
(V) to promote the development of key areas
Implement different development strategies to avoid low-level homogeneous competition, and strong competition in the market create the wall clock industry clusters and regional brands. First, strengthen regional brand development, building well-known brand wall clock industry demonstration zone, give full play to comparative advantages in key areas of industrial structure, technological level, labor supply, etc., create distinctive, competitive market, with high added value and impact and a wall clock regional brand. The second is to continue to consolidate the Tianjin manufacturing base as a traditional mechanical wall clock production scale, and many high-tech industrial base of highly skilled, high-end mechanical wall clockes play its R & D and manufacturing capabilities leading comparative advantages, further expand the field of high value-added products, continuously enhance brand awareness. Third, give full play to Guangdong (Shenzhen) domestic brands gather, industry concentration is high, complete industrial chain, improve the marketing network, business models mature advantages, to further enhance its own brand of influence and ability to open up international markets. Fourth, based in Shandong (Yantai) international standing clock daily production base to expand in the industrial clock, a large building with a clock and time synchronization system, the large area of ​​comparative advantage, and gradually the technical superiority into the brand. Fifth, improve the regional service system, increase product on the wall clock design, technical innovation, inspection, trade and logistics, financing guarantees, personnel training and other public service capacity building. 6 is to establish professional collaboration mechanisms between the upstream and downstream industry chain, supporting enterprises to enhance product quality and innovation.
(Vi) actively explore the domestic market
Active and innovative marketing model, expanding domestic multi-level consumer market, the gradual implementation of international strategy. First, to fully tap the domestic market potential, broaden wall clockes sales channels, develop e-commerce and other new sales model to promote large-scale, network operations. wall clockes offered by museums, collections, wall clockes and clocks, industrial development and tourism in many ways, nurture and spread wall clock culture, rich culture driven brand marketing, with good service to enhance the brand loyalty of consumers. The second is to continue to play the comparative advantages of China's wall clock industry, learn from the advanced management experience and brand building ideas, actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, enhance information exchange and other aspects of marketing, improve the international competitiveness of the flexible use of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, equity and other ways to achieve the international development, and gradually establish international research and development, sales and service system.
Fourth, the policy measures
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