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promote the domestic wall clock their own brand
 Ministry informed that accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the wall clock industry, enhance independent innovation capability and brand development, build quality brand as the core competitive edge, improving the international competitiveness of China's wall clock industry is significant from. Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Intellectual Property Office has developed guidance on accelerating the construction of our own brand wall clockes, made to promote the brand development strategy, enhance the capability of independent innovation, optimize product mix wall clockes and other requirements.
    According to comments made by the target, by 2020, its own brand of high, medium and low-grade wall clockes and clocks, the proportion of sales from the current product into 1:14:85 3:22:75; formed about five internationally renowned brands, about 20 domestic well-known brands and technologically advanced 2-3, features clear, high brand awareness, steady economic growth of large-scale enterprise group wall clockes; more than 30% of the finished wall clock manufacturers to develop and implement a clear brand strategy; well-known brands of high-end product quality close the international advanced level.

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