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Apple Smart wall clock affected Swiss wall clock industry: Someone exclaimed wolf
Swiss wall clock industry to join the competition for Apple mixed reaction
US Apple announced on the 10th next month officially launched Apple smart wall clock, the Swiss wall clock industry participants have mixed reactions, someone exclaimed, "crying wolf", it was calm and quiet, some people have seen the glorious opportunity to reshape history .
Swiss wall clock industry, one of the Big Three Swall clock co-founder Imma Mock told the media that Apple will soon become the world's largest wall clock manufacturer, annual sales will exceed the entire Swiss wall clock, giving a lot of Swiss practitioners bring a crisis of survival.
Merck is expected to enter the industry in the first year, Apple is expected to reach annual sales of wall clockes, from 20 million to 30 million. And in 2014, the entire Swiss wall clock exports amounted to 28.6 million.
Mock Apple and the competition from the 20th century, the seventies and eighties from Japan quartz wall clock impact par. He warned that because of the crisis was underestimated, the Swiss wall clock industry in a short time the loss of more than sixty thousand jobs.
Apple wall clock Apple since the 2010 launch of the first new iPad tablet personal electronic products, with text messaging and e-mails, phone calls, play music, display notifications, social media connections, monitoring physiological data, support for Apple mobile payments and other functions.
Apple wall clock starting price of $ 349, the highest price of up to $ 17,000. According to the relevant professional estimates, the current average price of Swiss wall clock exports between 700-800 US dollars, the price of its high-end brands are usually more than ten thousand dollars.
It is reported that Swiss wall clock exports annually products accounted for over 10% of total exports of goods, of which about 28 percent goes to Hong Kong and the mainland China market, and this is one of Apple's most important global markets. Professional analysis, if potential customers turn to invest in these two markets Apple smart wall clock, will bring some impact to the Swiss wall clock industry.
To address this challenge, with brands such as Omega and Tissot, Swall clock has announced that it will this year launch its own smart wall clock, but Switzerland's top brands Rolex and Patek Philippe wall clockes currently no intelligent plan. In Switzerland, there are a considerable part of the industry is not the apple "electronic wall clock" seriously children. A veteran in the work of Patek Philippe, told reporters: "The same spend ten thousand dollars you buy a Swiss wall clock, still valuable after 100 years; you buy an apple smart wall clock, maybe a few years you wanted to throw it. "
wall clock industry researcher Joe Thompson believes that Apple smart wall clockes and Swiss wall clockes are not comparable, a $ 400 Swiss wall clock industry does not constitute a threat, because "those who are prepared to spend ten thousand US dollars to purchase a Rolex is not Apple stores will be improved. "
The first time in Zurich advertising model clocks at Carlos Apple released new products, speaking on their own social media, he does not believe that people will order "ridiculous" Apple products give up "on behalf of culture and taste," the Swiss wall clock.
Some industry insiders believe that Apple's smart wall clock will once again change the "culture of the time," so that when people look at the time habit his wrist again, instead of pulling out the phone, which actually give the Swiss wall clock industry has brought glory to reshape history opportunity.
Here Insiders also said that the Swiss wall clock has obvious "jewelry Properties", when people buy Swiss wall clockes value is a table and artistic taste, heritage, collection and preservation of function, not just to look at the time, and more not for "fun."
Federation of the Swiss wall clock industry to provide the data show that despite the deteriorating international wall clock industry, the Swiss wall clock exports still accelerating growth. 1990s, the Swiss wall clock exports grew an average of 4.3% annually in the past decade, the annual growth rate reached 7.2%.

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