What kind of shoes are suitable for wood flooring

It looks like cotton slippers to me! I think it's better! The texture is soft, really does not recommend the use of glue, may scratch the floor Oh ~ ~ you can consider more water, waterproof non slip soles, home dress more ~ ~ and safety, slippers and more flat, flat, can change the body posture and the center of gravity, the uneven load distribution caused by foot. Elderly people, especially elderly women who are physically obese, will feel tired for long wearing slippers, and can also make the arch of the foot down. Therefore, in the home should wear slippers or ordinary shoes with slope heel, the most suitable height is 2.5 cm. Be careful not to wear slippers at home. Try to make one person and a pair as much as possible. Wearing slippers is the main cause of foot skin disease, if the weather is hot, bacteria are easier to spread. It is understood that in many families are not in accordance with each member is equipped with a pair of slippers, especially at home to guests, to give guests a pair of slippers, which is accustomed to things, mixed family wear slippers easily spread including blister type, dip type and festering hyperkeratotic tinea pedis.
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