Into the rainy season in the office more than double cool f

Modern Express reported yesterday, Nanjing First Hospital and Nanjing City Hospital of experts told reporters that due to the high temperature and humidity of the rainy season, and frequent rainfall, so people should pay attention to their own health care.
Rainy day to change shoes
Nanjing City Hospital, Department of Dermatology, director of the Department of Dermatoglyphics, there are already many people because of beriberi to come to treatment: some lower limbs even appeared redness, epidermal pain, hot, foot like irrigation lead-like, whole body boring; Children have an allergic phenomenon on the feet, severe feet have blisters.
Rainy season is good season for athlete's foot, tinea pedis, tinea cruris and many other skin diseases are very easy to infection or recurrence. In the rainy season, special attention should be paid to the body clean and keep the skin dry at all times. Choose to absorb sweat breathable clothing, cotton and silk as well, to avoid tight breathless underwear, shoes and socks wash and keep dry; in the public area do not walk barefoot, the best in the unit to prepare a pair of summer Cool flip flop s, to the unit to change shoes to reduce the chance of suffering from athlete's foot. If still infected, should be treated as soon as possible, with some Chinese medicine soaked and topical anti-fungal drugs will have a good effect.
Elderly irritability should be careful
Nanjing City, the first hospital emergency center Shen Yuying attending physician, Meiyu weather pressure, easy to cause the elderly mood irritability, mood swings, easy to induce angina, high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases, so the elderly should pay attention to the smooth mood, some emergency medicine To carry with you.
Nanjing City Hospital, director of the Department of Gynecology Chen Xia introduced, more rainy season sweating, coupled with a lot of women like to wear breathable jeans, tight underwear and chemical fiber underwear, gynecological genital itching, vaginitis incidence will increase. Experts advise: rainy season, underwear is best wide breathable, and to ground for washing. Know that they may suffer from gynecological inflammation, under the guidance of a doctor to carry out anti-inflammatory treatment, do not use antibiotics, to prevent abuse caused by flora. The other is from the details of life to prevent inflammation, such as the ground bath, pay attention to clean, pay attention to personal hygiene.
Eat cold cold food
Wet weather, corn, beans and other foods prone to mildew, induced gastroenteritis. Experts recommend that raw and cooked food to be dealt with separately, so that food cooked cooked thoroughly; regular cleaning cutting board; from the refrigerator out of the food must be heated, eat cold, cold.
In addition, the summer lobster seafood and other allergic food market, we should pay attention not to eat, eat more greasy, spicy and so easy to cause damp heat endogenous food, so as not to aggravate the condition.
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